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August 16, 2017 


Students arrived with backpacks, office chairs, and smiles, gamely marching into the school house to face a new school term. They were rather quiet on the first day, but did a great job of settling into the old habits of classroom procedures. Today was a day to get organized and re-familiarize ourselves with school life after a summer that went by too quickly. 


After opening bell, we began the day with chapel in the Fellowship Hall, with the school principal leading songs and giving encouragement to the students to dig into their work because work is good! Back in our classrooms, the younger students participated in various activities (including sign language and M&M's!) while the older students talked about lots of stuff. We got some work done, too!


First break came quickly: grades 1-3 played Kick The Cone, and grades 4-high school played Knockout on the basketball court, or played on the swings, or just sat visiting. Second period didn't last long, either, and then it was noon, time to dismiss! 


It looked like they didn't want to leave.

August 14, 2017  




The excitement is building! Last night the school house was full of bubbly students making cheerful sounds, bringing their school supplies into their classrooms and stowing them in their desks. Some students hurried outside to play games, while others hung out inside, talking and exploring.


Thanks to the school board, we all enjoyed amazing Ranch Pretzels and delicious Sherbet Punch, while visiting with friends we don't get to see every day. Also thanks to the school board, the kitchen and restrooms received a remodeling face-lift, and it looks great! Well done, school board, and thank you!


It was a good evening, and we are looking forward to a fantastic year!

August 14, 2017




Only $10 each. Get a copy for every student - it's a book of memories!

These will be available at Orientation this evening.

July 15, 2017


Thank you for showing up to work this morning!


The school house sparkles on the inside and looks fresh and new again on the outside. From ceiling to floor, windows, walls, and doors were washed and scrubbed, while on the playground trees were trimmed, flowerbeds and play areas mulched, and equipment repaired. Fueled with watermelon and granola bars, the work got done efficiently. Well done, people.


It won't be long until the whole campus will be ringing with the voices of happy children!