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April 8, 2021


Your Honor students went on their field trip today. We began the day at Pinecraft Shoe & Repair, where Mr. Keim welcomed us. He gave us a brief history of their store and talked about boots and leather. He showed the students how to cut the sole off a shoe, how to stitch on a new sole, how to trim the new sole and get the shoe ready for the customer. He has some very old machines that he uses, some as old as 100 years. It was all very interesting, and he did a great job of showing us the process of repairing a shoe. They have a huge inventory of work and cowboy boots - they will definitely have what you need!

From there, we went to the bayfront near 10th Street, but the area was taped off by the police department forensics team; they were investigating a vehicle that drove into the bay during the night. So, we prowled the rocks along the Van Wezel waterfront for awhile, then headed out to Ken Thompson Park.


There, we walked the boardwalk trail through the mangroves before lunch. After eating lunch at the picnic tables, the students took off their shoes and socks and went wading in the water. They found some really neat nature, including salp. That stuff is nasty. After drying off in the warm sun, and another short walk on the pier, we loaded up and went to 7-Eleven for Slurpees. It was amazing.

March 24, 2021


Today's Honor Roll field trip took us to The Hill, Choice Books, Pinecraft Park, and finally, the bayfront at Island Park.


It was a beautiful morning for a brisk walk around The Hill - a gator was spotted! Next, we went to Choice Books, arriving at 9:30, where Phil H. welcomed us. He played a guessing game with the students, awarding three prizes for the closest guesses, then took us into the warehouse where the real work happens. The students got to tag books with barcodes; also, they were allowed to select some books for themselves to take home.


From Choice Books we went to Pinecraft Park, where we ambled through the jungle - a turtle was spotted! - before eating lunch at the pavilion. We arrived at Island Park around 1:00, and the students got busy with crab hunting, rock skipping, and shell collecting. A few of them spent some time in the banyan trees.


We finished the day with Slurpees!

February 10, 2021


Your Honor Roll students finally got their field trip that was planned for last year before COVID-19 shut everything down. Things are not like they used to be, but we had a field trip anyway!


We left school just before 9:00 this morning, and went to the new St. Pete Pier. We walked through fog, saw sheepshead fish and horseshoe crabs, climbed on rocks, and watched dolphins. We left there around 11:30 and headed to Fort De Soto, where we ate lunch at picnic tables.


The fort is fascinating to explore, having the last surviving carriage-mounted 12-inch seacoast mortars in the continental United States. Union forces used these big guns to keep Confederate ships from bringing in supplies. The fort was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.


On the way home, we stopped at 7-Eleven for Slurpees, of course. It was a good day!