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December 20, 2019


Our students did a wonderful job in the Christmas program this evening. Miss Kayla's students sang out clear and strong, with happy faces. The older students' hard work paid off; their recitations and their singing went very well, even on the difficult songs. Good work, students!


Click here to see pictures of the program. Thanks to Judson G. for the photography.


We hope you have a great vacation from school, a wonderful Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year!

October 25, 2019


Science & Art was full of creativity this evening! Amazing science projects and fantastic artworks were on display, all by students' hard work and creative energies. The classrooms were full of happy sounds, busy students, and chatting parents.


Thanks to the school board, we enjoyed a pizza supper which was excellent - and with ice cream treats for dessert, everyone was very satisfied.


Well done with your projects, students!

October 8, 2019


Your Honor Roll students toured the Cortez Coast Guard facility this morning! Whitney, a coxswain, welcomed us and walked us through the offices. Upstairs, the guardsman on duty tested the siren for us; this calls all hands to report for an emergency call. Outside, we walked the dock and visited their two active boats. Unfortunately, the boats were both being serviced, so we were not able to board them.


There are approximately 30 full-time Coast Guardies working there, and they cover territory spanning from the middle of Tampa Bay south to Boca Grand pass. Whitney has been posted to several places around the world, and has worked here at the Cortez station for just over three years.


After the tour, we walked the boardwalk at Neal Preserve, and enjoyed the outlook tower. The students chose McDonald's for lunch, and our last destination for the day was DeSoto Memorial Park. There we saw manatees and dolphins, crabs, a snake, and even a croc! It was great. In the gift shop we watched a 22-minute historical video explaining Hernando de Soto's explorations. All things considered, it was a good day.