Extra-Curricular Events

Science & Art 2021
November 12, 7:00pm


  1. Please have your student's artwork or science project here at the school before 7:00. If you prefer, you may bring the project at 2:00, when you pick them up after school dismisses.
  2. Please plan to enjoy supper here! The school board is planning to have food available, so come hungry. (Your donations will be accepted for the food.)
  3. There will also be some games and contests for you to have some fun with, if you care to.
  4. Come, bring the grandparents, admire the students' projects and artwork, and plan to have a relaxing, enjoyable evening with friends!


We're looking forward to hosting your family here!




1. December 30, 2021


2. February 12, 2022


Place: TBA


The Menu: Come enjoy a fabulous Haystack meal with all the toppings! It will be the pleasure of the Sunnyside School students and Board to be your hosts. We guarantee you will enjoy your experience!