News, 2022 - 2023

May 20, 2023


It was a dinger of a softball game! Shortly after ten o'clock, the school boys took the field for the annual face-off of school boys playing against their dads. Well, their dads started hitting. And hit, they did! By the time the sons rang up three outs, their dads had crossed home plate 12 times! Undeterred, the boys started slamming base hits, doubles, and triples, and by the bottom of the first inning, they tied the score!


The score went back and forth the whole game, with Garrett Y. and Macario G. both contributing home runs for the sons' team, until the bottom of the eighth, when the sons were down by five. By this time, the dads were fairly worn out, and with the help of several errors on the field, the sons tied the score with two outs and two runners on base.


Caleb Y. was up to bat, and he poked the ball into right field, driving the winning runs across the plate for what would be a walk-off triple! And the crowd went wild! There was much rejoicing, and the sons are due full congratulations for their skill, effort, and determination! Well done, sons! We're proud of you!


Front row, L - R: Preston Y., Lyndon K., Grady Y., Justin M.
Back row: Macario G., Garrett Y., Caleb Y., Jeriah H.


The school board organized a great lunch of cold and hot sandwiches, salads, and desserts, and we were grateful for both the food and the fellowship. After lunch, more pick-up games were played. and we thank God for the safety that He gave us, with no one suffering serious or lasting injury!


Another school year is in the books (at least for the students; the teachers still have work to do), and God has been good to us. Thank you all for your involvement and contributions!


Enjoy your summer!


May 19, 2023


What a beautiful program the students presented this evening! The younger students were energetic, the older students were polished, and all together were invested in the effort! We are so proud of their work this year, and the closing program was a fitting end. The guest speaker for the graduation of Holly G. was Kenneth G., and he gave a warm and wise speech, after which the Administrator, Pastor Bill Y., awarded Holly her high school diploma. Pastor Bill also called Miss Kate and Miss Kelli up to the platform for formal goodbyes and a parting gift. We are sad to see them leave our school; they did their work well, and loved their students. Their legacy is secure. Blessings on both of them as they move on to other things.


Special thanks to Miss Kayla C. for making pictures during the program!


Students, there is one school function remaining: the Picnic & Ball Game! Then summer vacation really begins. See you tomorrow!


May 5, 2023


Our year-end field trip destination was Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. We met at the schoolhouse by 8:00 this morning, and soon were on the road, a caravan of four vehicles. We found Busch Gardens to be less busy than it often is, which was nice. Lines were shorter for rides and food, and walkways were less crowded. The weather was very pleasant, with highs in the mid-80s and plenty of breezes. Our students enjoyed roller coasters and train rides, seeing elephants and gorillas, and, of course, getting soaked with water on the flume and the Congo River Rapids. The day went by very quickly.

From Busch Gardens we went to Cici's Pizza for supper, then headed home, arriving around 7:40. We are grateful to God for safety on the roads and at the park. Thanks to those who served as group chaperones and drivers for the day, and thanks to Gary Y. for his excellent planning and leadership throughout! All in all, it was a good day, full of excitement, a day that will long be remembered by the students.

April 11, 2023


Your honor roll students were privileged to tour CAE Healthcare this morning! It was very cool! Our day began with exploring Bird Key Park, where the students spotted dead coconuts, caught crabs, and tasted fresh-caught, wild seaweed.


We arrived at CAE Healthcare at 10:30, and were welcomed by Ana, Thomas, and Brandon. Our group was split into two parties, and we were given simultaneous tours of the production of mannequins, or simulators, that are used in hospitals and colleges for medical training. These simulators are very life-like, and can "breathe," produce a heartbeat, a pulse, symptoms such as blue lips from oxygen deprivation, give birth, and even talk in response to physical pressure such as chest compressions.


We saw the production line in various stages, and then got to see and test the finished product. It was incredible to see the complexity of the mannequins, and it was a reminder that our bodies are far more complex than that!


For lunch, the vote carried to go to Chick-fil-A, after which we went to Pinecraft Park to explore the woods and then play volleyball and basketball. Sadly, however, an armed gunman was apparently running from police in Pinecraft, so the decision was made to leave the area and go to Target. This pleased most of the students mightily, and we finished the day there. The students arrived back at school with armloads of Starbucks coffee drinks and Icees and all manner of things.


Thank God for protecting us today!


March 28, 2023


Our honor roll field trip destination today was the A. P. Bell Fish Company in northwest Bradenton, a fish-processing facility where fresh catch is offloaded from commercial fishing boats and prepared for distribution both locally and globally.


We arrived at 10:00 sharp, to the pungent odor of fish, and were met by Karen at the administrative office. She is the latest in a multi-generation line of family members continuing the trade of processing fish here since 1940.


She showed us where fish are received from the boats and where they are packed in refrigerators and freezers. One freezer was so cold that the students' shoes stuck to the floor when they walked in!


A. P. Bell sells to local restaurants, to wholesalers and retailers, and they also sell to the general public. It was a smelly experience, and very interesting to see behind the scenes of how this part of the fishing industry works.


Leaving there, we made a brief pit stop at Riverwalk, then we had a long lunch at Subway. We spent the afternoon browsing shops at Ellenton Outlet Mall, before returning to the school house just before three o'clock. It was a busy, full day, and we are thankful for God's protection.


March 7, 2023


Today was the last day of school for Holly G.!


Today ends 13 years of study, essays, ball games, packed lunches, tests, and classroom antics. Her influence in the school will be missed! She brought energy, creativity, and resourcefulness to our classroom, and her absence will leave a hole here.


Today begins a new chapter in her life, and we wish her godspeed in her new adventures!


Come see us sometimes, Holly! And bring donuts!


December 21, 2022


The Christmas program was a great success this evening! Oldest to youngest, they all recited and sang with excellence! They invested hours in memorizing and practicing, and their hard work certainly paid off, because the whole program was enjoyable and so very well done. Congratulations, students! We're proud of you!


Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!


October 18, 2022


St Martha Catholic Church was the destination for the honor roll field trip today. We spent a few minutes exploring the 10th Street boat ramps bayfront area, then arrived at St Martha just before 10:00, where we gathered for a group photo. Sara Brinn, office manager and parish secretary, welcomed us at the front steps and brought us into the sanctuary.


She told us that St Martha Catholic Church was built in 1941, and is kind of the mother church to the other Catholic churches in the area. St. Martha Catholic Church is also the parent church of St. Martha Catholic School/Bishop Nevins Academy and Cardinal Mooney High School. This church is known as the circus church, because the Ringling Brothers circus folks were involved and made this their home. Fr. George, lately arrived from Poland to his new assignment here, spoke for a few minutes on the significance of the various fixtures, including the altar, the baptismal basin, the stained glass windows, the confessional booth, and several other things.


Ms. Brinn then took us to a room where Vietnamese mass is held, and there she introduced the students to another circus artifact, Leo the lion, taxidermied and at repose in his circus carriage.


Leaving there, we visited Selby Library, then headed out through a light rain to Chick-fil-A for food. After lunch, we walked UTC mall, which was great fun.

October 14, 2022


Grades 4 - 12 celebrated their survival of first quarter chaos with a party today.


We began the day with a special guest, Katie B., who told her life story. Then we broke out the snacks and started the fun: face painting, balloon animals, spike ball, balloon smash, balloon volleyball, and softball filled the day and helped burn off lots of energy! 


After a quick lunch, we completed our cleaning chores, then walked to 7-Eleven for Slurpees. Lots of horns were honked along the way - it was great fun!


Now we're officially ready for the second quarter.


September 28 - October 3, 2022


Hurricane Ian roared ashore just south of us, after earlier predictions had him hitting us directly. Initial estimates place him at the fifth-costliest storm in Florida history. He has done enormous damage across the state, particularly in the Ft. Myers / Sanibel Island / Pine Island areas.


We are grateful to have been spared as much as we were, though there was visible damage. One school house window was weak enough to let some of the storm in; there was evidence inside on students' desks. The school grounds were littered with tree debris, including at least one major tree and other large limbs. Quite a few school families lost electricity, some for several hours, others for several days.


This was  a major event in our young people's lives, one they will never forget.


September 6, 2022


Today was the first day of school for Andre Y! He walked into the school house this morning with a smile on his face and optimism in his soul, ready to tackle Kindergarten. We welcome you to the Sunnyside School family, and we wish you well on this journey, Andre!


Bon voyage!


August 22, 2022


School opened today; the students arrived bright-eyed and optimistic! After chapel, they eagerly tackled their books, and got some work done. There was lots to keep track of as they settled into the familiar habits and patterns of classroom procedures. They did really well! Of course, it was a short day, so wrap-up time came quickly. We dismissed at noon, and tomorrow is Day 2! Great job today, students!


See more pics here.


August 11, 2022


Orientation was a lively affair this evening! Students arrived with backpacks in tow, eager faces looking for old friends and new desks. Moms and Dads enjoyed visiting over Orange Punch and Ranch Pretzels (thanks, school board wives!) while the children popped in and out of classrooms and played games on the playground.


We are looking forward to exciting adventures this year! We are confident that God will bless His work as we honor Him in the ministry of the school.


We'll see you all on Monday!

August 4, 2022


Big news! The yearbooks have arrived! Crammed with pictures of school life, this will be a treasured resource of memories for many years to come. Get a copy for each child and grandparent, they will love you for it!


Copies will be available at Orientation on Thursday, August 11, 7:00 - 8:30, for only $10 each.


July 17, 2022


The school house is sparkling clean thanks to all the beautiful people who showed up ready to work! The project began at 8:00 this morning, with dads and moms scrubbing, dusting, repairing, and rebuilding. Inside, all the walls and desks were wiped down, windows cleaned, and closets organized. Outside, the playground was given a facelift with fresh mulch. Even the teeter-totters were retired and replaced with a new set.


Everything looks amazing! Many thanks to everyone who helped get the work done!